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Topheman Datavisual

Datavisualization with Angular and d3 on the Twitter Stream API.

NodeJS/Twitter Stream


A NodeJS module that lets you open multiple channels with there own filters, on the same Twitter Stream, handling all post-processing for you.



Topheman Cycle Infos

Access in real time the availability of the bikes and stations of the bike’s self-service of JCDecaux.



Make Google Street View panoramas more interactive with PanoramaSensorsViewer, let them be browserable via the gyroscope+accelerometer (deviceorientation event) of your mobile device


Topheman Street View

Browse through Google Street View panoramas using the gyroscope+accelerometer of your mobile device, using your phone like an opened window to the world …



A framework that makes it easier to use the Box2d / Box2dweb physics engine in JavaScript, with mouse and multitouch events support.



A lightweight engine that handles physics interactions between balls as well as rendering.


Topheman Bombs (v2)

HTML5 / Javascript game that takes advantage of the canvas element and the accelerometer (devicemotion/deviceorientation events) on your device. Play offline on your mobile as well as on your desktop with an accelerometer emulator


Topheman Squares

An adaptation in HTML5/Javascript – based on the memories I have, of a game I used to play in the 90s.


Parallax.js – now with headtracking support

Added headtracking support to the original project, which is a parallax engine that reacts to device orientation and cursor.



BabylonJS – first steps [Cone.js]

My first steps on the BabylonJS framework, ended up creating a full API to manage 3d cones (like the ones I used to draw in cartoons)


Topheman Playground

Take control of a bouncing ball on your desktop screen, tilting your phone as you would, like a Wiimote


Smiley Faces

A little demo game to show the possibilities of my game engine boxboxevents.



A little test on threejs with the boilerplate for Threejs …


  • blockedPopup.js : We all have popup blockers like AdBlock on our browser, so if your application ever needs popups and make sure it’s been authorized by your user, the little class will let you know.
  • sensorsChecker.js : Mostly all recent browsers expose an api for deviceorientation and devicemotion events. That doesn’t mean the device you’re on has sensors (accelerometer+gyroscope) to feed them.
    So to check if the device has sensors, you can’t rely on simple feature detection like "ondeviceorientation" in window or "ondevicemotion" in window.
    This module will let you check if there is really an accelerometer+gyroscope to rely on.
  • SoftLogger : Simple canvas logger linked to the console.log
    demo (with smileyFaces)github
  • HighScoresManager.js : Simple high scores manager with localStorage
  • Array.foreachLoopBack.js : Loop from any index to any other in your array, looping back at the end of it without bothering about indexes

28 thoughts on “My Projects

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  2. Bonjour Christophe,

    Je suis tombée sur votre profil dans le cadre d’une recherche d’un développeur React pour une startup qui prépare une seconde levée de fonds historique sur le marché français.
    J’ai vu que vous étiez très impliqué dans la communauté React et aviez été speaker à un meetup.

    Les + du poste : sujets très techniques (autour du Big Data), forte culture startup, environnement stimulant (très exigeants sur leurs recrutements) & excellente ambiance.
    stack : React + Redux, ES6, tests en Mocha et Enzyme,

    Seriez-vous disponible pour un rapide échange par téléphone ?

    Dans l’attente de vous lire, je vous souhaite une très bonne journée,

    Léonore Lahalle I Technical Recruiter @ Matière Grise

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  4. Hi,
    I have been using your `topheman/vanilla-es6-jspm` as my boilerplate ever since I came across and I love your project structure, but a few dependencies are now deprecated and in a vulnerable state, so I set out to make a similar project structure but with webpack, unfortunately I am failing terribly and wanted to see if we can work together on making the webpack-es6 boilerplate.
    I would greatly appreciate your help and I am leaving my repo here, please feel free to make changes or reach out to me. Looking forward to hearing from you

    My Repo for webpack-es6 is ‘’

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