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Cone.js – my first steps on BabylonJS


It’s been a while since I wanted to try BabylonJS, but as all of you, I had some projects on the run that I wanted to finish AND release ;).

So finally, two months ago, I took the time to start a little project, only to discover the framework, with the usual tutorials like creating spheres, cubes, adding lights and camera. I even installed blender to do some 3d modelling in order to get an export (nothing extraordinary – it’s a pity, I used to be good at that, but it was ten years ago on 3dsMax …).

After the tutorials, I needed an idea to start with. About two years ago, I made a little ThreeJS project presenting one of the roller skating slalom cones I used to draw on my comic strips.

I started the project without any clue of where I was heading (the goal was to discover BabylonJS), I had in mind to make some kind of game out of it, but that was all …

I ended up making Cone.js, a class that lets you manage those 3d cones I told you about, but I did much more than I thought at the beginning :

  • extension possibilities of the Class (like the jQuery.fn)
  • methods not only available on cone instances but also on cone lists
  • animation queue management (even custom user queues)
  • tried both jsdoc and yuidoc documention generators (finally kept yuidoc)


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