Take a tour of the campuses of the International University of Paris with Topheman Street View

About six months ago, I released Topheman Street View, a site that will let you browse the Google streetview panoramas with your smartphone/tablet like you were inside it, just by moving your phone like a window to the world – more on this post.

Two days ago, I saw this tweet by @GautierBarbe on my timeline about the International University Campus of Paris opening their buildings to Google streetview.

@GautierBarbe - tweet

It drew my attention and tickled me … This was a perfect use case to demonstrate the benefits of PanoramaSensorsViewer (the library I made on which Topheman Street View is based).

So, you can take a tour of the different campuses on Topheman Street View by following those links :

I simply used the bookmarklet I made that is available on the home page of the Topheman Street View site in desktop mode that you can use when you’re on google maps and will let you generate a link as well as a QRCode to the panorama …


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